about me.

I recently graduated with my Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University following my BS in Product Design Engineering.

I was a Course Assistant in Stanford's Product Realization Lab (PRL) where I lead over 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students through their design process and taught them the fundamentals of manufacturing in our machine shop, wood shop, foundry, plastics lab, rapid prototyping lab, and welding lab.

Additionally to advising students in the lab, I coached a small set of students every quarter through ME203, Design and Manufacturing, which is an integrated experience involving need finding, product definition, conceptual design, detail design, prototype manufacture, public presentation of outcomes, archiving and interpreting the product realization process and its results. The course is an overview of manufacturing processes crucial to the practice of design.

My current obsession is Ceramics, and you can follow my work here.

The meaning of my name is shining sunflower in Hmong.


You can contact me at pajnucci@alumni.stanford.edu